CICERO by Gitani



"Leading the way since 1974."

The popularity of stone benchtops is as much about aesthetics as practicality. The beauty of natural stone makes a striking design statement but the addition of a cooktop introduces a utilitarian element that often compromises the design flow. But things have now changed — thanks to our innovative approach to custom-made benchtops.

Cicero™, new for 2017, is our truly breakthrough product!

Cicero™ is the game changer that integrates cooking elements and controls into the benchtop itself, retaining all the functionality of modern cooking appliances but incorporated into a stylish and seamless stone finish.

The beauty of stone is no longer compromised as the electromagnetic hot plates are hidden within the stone.

After an extremely successful launch at Sydney’s DesignBUILD 2017 event, we are excited to announce that CICERO by Gitani is now available in 2, 3 or 4 hot plate versions.

With touch screen operation concealed within a separate stone drawer, accessed by a pull out/push back function, you can be sure to bring elegance and style to your kitchen, without having to sacrifice functionality.

Cicero™ is the latest product from Gitani Stone and comes in a colour range to match any decor.

**Additional Features Include**
Sliding benchtop that opens and closes to reveal CICERO.
Sink design/built in.
Island benchtop style for those aiming to create a striking kitchen centerpiece.
Stone drawers and cupboards to maximize storage space.

Please note: Gitani Stone’s R&D program combined with 35+ years of experience enables us to create any product and finish possible. Features are not limited to the above list.



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