Iron Lace Marble

Iron Lace Marble

DREAMTIME COLLECTION (Iron Lace & Ancient Reef)

Gitani Stone has recently invested in the extraction of Australian marble which it is quarrying and recently began exporting around the world.

The leases originally owned by a Cairns based company were taken over in approx. 2010. Since then the quarrying arm of Gitani Stone has been working tirelessly to extract the material from the heart of the Australian outback and are now exporting the material around the world.

Iron Lace and Ancient Reef are currently two of the marbles that we currently have in our warehouse in Seven Hills and make up the start of the DREAMTIME collection.
The group of marbles in the Dreamtime collection originated as limestone beds off the Great Barrier Reef 410 million years ago. They were uplifted inland by huge movements of tectonic plates. Then about 320 million years ago, massive volcanoes erupted around the quarry in Chilligoe Queensland. The limestone was melted, infused with molten iron, and then cooled to form the amazing colours in Iron Lace, Ancient Reef and many more to come in the near future.

Iron Lace and Ancient Reef are the first two in the collection and the anticipation of further quarries opening up in the near future to add to the collection is eagerly anticipated by architects and designers around the world!

Iron Lace and Ancient Reef are available in Slabs and cut to size panels/tiles and finishes include Polished, Honed or Antique.

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