12 February 2021

Common Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

It is all too often that when designing a space, we get hung up on the knick knacks instead of the pieces that make the room.

You don’t have to be a professional stylist or an interior decorator to style your home well. With a plan, even the most novice of us can create a space that is magazine worthy.

Instead of giving you pointers on what you shouldn’t do, we thought the best way would be suggesting things that you should never do. But, if you have made these mistakes, don’t stress – we’re here to guide you through it!

One thing that is commonly overlooked is when space has been poorly measured. Buying items that are too small or big can close off an area. While a piece may technically fit in a room, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it fits. Make sure to measure each individual item, as rooms can often end up feeling cluttered instead of cosy.

Though the end goal is to achieve balance within a space, matching decor strictly with furnishings takes personality out of the styling, as well as giving the space a forceful end result. Adding a few opposing pieces doesn’t take away from the dominant scheme, so don’t fret if you’ve found a lamp that doesn’t “go” with your styling – chances are, it will give the space more of a homeliness, rather than looking like it was taken straight from a showroom.

RUGS – or the lack of. Your floors may be beautifully refurbished, you may have even had new tiles put in, but a living space can often look incomplete without the texture or pattern that a rug provides. Back to our point of measuring each item; it is vital that you purchase a rug that is proportionate not only to the room, but the furniture chosen for it.

In a smaller room, one would think that shoving the couch against a wall would give off the idea of having more space. Unfortunately, it works the opposite way! Giving your furniture ‘breathing space’ allows for more flow, and will highlight what you want your eyes to be feasted on – the couch!

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