3 February 2021

Kitchen Trends 2021

2020 took us by surprise – renovations were the least of our concerns, and the time that would have been spent thinking about how to spruce up your home was used fighting the kids out of the fridge, all while ensuring their screen time was spent actually doing school work.

Now that 2021 has set in, and we all adjust to the norm of dealing with COVID-19, we’re starting to think about updating our spaces again. And, for the lucky *we use this term loosely* parents who have now had to adjust to the possible permanency of working from home, treating ourselves (because duh, obviously you need a beautiful kitchen to make all your “work” lunches in), is no longer an idea that is too far fetched.

Here are some of the trends to keep an eye on and consider this year –


image: kitchensbyemanuel


While curves in furniture and decor has emerged in popularity in the recent years, a trend that is surging is the sculptural island bench.

Contrasting against the traditional straight lines in a kitchen, this feature is one that adds a cosy feel.

image: ejeinteriors


Timber cabinetry is no longer a thing of the past!

Natural elements are extremely versatile in that they can be used in a range of styles. Appropriate for the industrial look, and even the most refined designs, the added warmth and character is being embraced by designers.

image: kitchensbyemanuel


With the kitchen becoming the most lived-in room of the house, we need storage now more than ever. We’re taking clutter off the benches and using surfaces for more than just cooking equipment.

Think functional, concealed, convenient.

image: Minosa Design


Veering away from pure white kitchens, black is back.

Instead of only being used as accents, dark statement pieces such as splashbacks and worktops are slowly incorporating themselves into our homes. Make sure to offset by lighter flooring and wooden cabinetry for balance.

image: Vicello Kitchens


Adding a sense of luxe with a timeless material, marble instantly elevates a kitchen design.

While a subtle vein is the classic go-to, the busier the stone, the more eye catching it is.



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