Gitani Stone is Sydney’s leading natural stone supplier. With a wide range of high quality cuts and colours, Gitani’s granite benchtops are sure to be the perfect centrepiece to your kitchen.

Specialising in black and white granite benchtops we are certain we have the perfect stone for you and your home!

Have a walk through our exclusive indoor stone gallery to see the range of exotic Granite bench tops stone that we have available. Gallery open Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm and strictly by appointment on Saturday.

Gitani Stone collaborates with reputable architects, designers and developers of the highest quality granite benchtops in Sydney. We work with experts to ensure that every stone we store in our warehouse is as beautiful and unique as it is functional

Trusted by the community for over 40 years, Gitani Stone’s granite experts can answer any and all questions you have about the sourcing and installation processes of your new benchtop. We have the experience you can rely on to find the perfect stone from our wide and expansive collection of colours and designs.

From caring for material to advising all stone characteristics, you will be educated on each step, leaving you confident about investing in a new Stone for your kitchen benchtop.

Our stores specialises in everything from black to white granite benchtops, and all variations in between. We will teach you how to care and maintain the beauty of your stone with appropriate cleaning and maintenance to ensure that your benchtop lasts you a lifetime.

Profound Beauty

Granite Kitchen Bench Top Sydney - Derived from Nature

What exactly is Gitani stone?

Giallo Gitano, also referred to as Gitani stone. Since granite is a natural rock, it can have a variety of colour patterns.Granite is resistant to impacts, scratches, etching, and weathering. It is also resistant to abrasion.. Gitani stone is frequently used for interior and exterior applications, flooring, and worktops. Because of its resilience to heat, scratches, and stains, it is a preferred option in the construction and remodelling sector.

Where Can Granite Benchtops Be Installed?

Many different places, including kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor leisure spaces ,Barbeque area, fireplaces, wall cladding, or restroom and business settings, can have  granite benchtops installed. They are a well-liked option due to its sturdiness, resistance to heat and scratches, and attractive appearance. Granite benchtops are available in a variety of colours and patterns to match various decor types and can be specially designed to fit any space. Granite benchtops are an excellent investment for any property since they can last for decades with the right care and upkeep.

What Kind of Granite Are There in Sydney?

Sydney is home to a variety of granite kinds, including green, pink, grey, black, and white. Pink granite has a pink base with grey or black veining, while green granite often has a green base with black and white flecks or veins. Black granite is often complete black, while grey granite can range from light to dark grey with black or white flecks. Lastly, white granite can range from being completely white to being grey with black specks. These many varieties of granite provide a wide range of possibilities for Sydney homeowners and builders wishing to add enduring and fashionable stone to their projects.

How to choose the perfect Granite Benchtops?

Marbled, speckled and solid granite are three of the main varieties of granite stone Gitani provides. Traditionally, the pattern of stone that you choose should be based on the size of your kitchen and that of the colour gradient. The colour of the granite benchtop or the veining in the stone should match that of your kitchen cabinets. If you have any questions about which type of stone would work best in your home, feel free to come into the warehouse and talk with one of our industry experts!
The kind of stone that you choose is also strongly influenced by budget. Gitani strives to provide the best stone in the world to our customers and because of this some of our rarest and most difficult stones to acquire can get a little expensive. We assure you the price is worthwhile, but coming into our warehouse with a budget in mind will greatly help us narrow down your options and make your decision easier.

What How to look after Granite Benchtops?

Your granite benchtop needs to be taken care of and cleaned regularly in order to maintain its quality for a long time. Spills should be cleaned immediately in order to avoid permanent stains.

The daily cleaning routine should involve the use of clean and soapy water. Soft cloth should then be used to wipe the benchtop dry.

Your benchtop should also be resealed every two years and you should avoid directly cutting on your granite benchtop.

black granite benchtops

Black granite benchtops are very versatile and can look beautiful in most kitchens. We advise that black granite be used in larger kitchens with a modern or traditional style and set up as the dark colour will compliment the rest of the space. Each cut of black granite benchtops in our warehouse has a unique pattern and veining so it is essential to see what we have on offer. Each dark stone benchtop we provide is given an incredible finish to effortlessly bring out the best in your kitchen.

white granite benchtops

A white granite benchtop can be just the thing you need to complement any kitchen cabinetry, fittings or background and make your kitchen look timelessly spectacular. White granites come in different patterns and swirls with no two granite benchtops looking exactly the same. The light colour can give the illusion of a bigger space which makes it a perfect choice for smaller kitchens.

kitchen benchtops sydney available at-gitani stone
Natural granite Kitchen Benchtops-Stone Benchtops near Me-Gitani Stone

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Why Choose Us

“Gitani Stone is committed to customer satisfaction.” Gitani Stone’s Jason Gittany attributes the company’s success to innovation and an R&D program that delivers unique products of the highest quality from their state of the art factory located in Seven Hills, NSW.

natural stone suppliers in Sydney- Gitani Stone


Granite benchtops kitchen are an excellent addition to your kitchen space because of its elegance, timeless appeal, strength and low maintenance. If you take care of your granite benchtop, it can even outlast every other part of your kitchen.

Yes. With many variations to choose from, granite benchtops provide your kitchen with a classy touch and a strong space to go about your culinary duties. Granite benchtops can be more expensive than other stones, but its elegance and strength makes the granite benchtops price worth it.

Natural stones like granite are more expensive than engineered stones. The price of Granite benchtops can range from $700-$2000 per square metre in Australia. Granite is a very strong stone and can last for many years which makes the price a worthwhile investment.

You can clean your granite benchtops by spraying a mixture of equal amounts of distilled water and isopropyl alcohol onto the surface of the granite and allowing it to sit for at least three minutes. A soft washcloth should then be used to wipe clean the benchtop. Your granite benchtop will look sparkly clean and extra glossy afterwards.

Granite countertops can be scratched, but it depends on how hard the object is that makes contact with them. Even though granite is a tough and long-lasting stone, it can nevertheless be nicked by knives or other pointed things. Scratches on granite countertops can be avoided with proper care and maintenance.

Granite counters can sustain high temperatures without cracking or discolouring since they are heat resistant. But, it’s still preferable to use trivets or hot pads to protect the surface as quick temperature swings or continuous exposure to extreme heat can cause cracks or other damage.

With the right upkeep, a granite countertop may last for decades or even a lifetime. It is a tough and resilient natural stone that is resistant to heat, stains, and scratches. Its longevity and attractiveness may both be maintained and extended with regular cleaning and sealing.

A common igneous rock used in building and as a decorative stone is granite. Based on the minerals present, granite can be divided into three primary categories: biotite granite, plagioclase feldspar granite, and alkali feldspar granite. Plagioclase feldspar granite has a higher concentration of plagioclase feldspar than alkali feldspar granite does. The mineral biotite, which has a black tint, is present in biotite granite. Each variety of granite has distinct qualities and applications.



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