Choosing the stone

Gitani stone has an extensive natural stone gallery where the client can view large format slabs sourced from all around the globe. We also have full panels of our Cicero colour ranges in stock and are ready for immediate viewing and selection. It is important for the client to view their slab as every natural stone is unique and can never be interpreted properly in photos.

Choosing the edge details and cutouts

After material is selected, the client is then shown our range of edge details and sink cutouts that are made possible by our machinery and stone masons. Different cutouts like drop-in, flush mount, and undercount are selected. These different options all come at differing price points, Gitani Stone can give you an on-the-spot free quote.

Site Measure of Cabinetry

Gitani Stone uses millimeter precise measuring equipment that accurately measures the finest details of your kitchen cabinetry. At this time sinks are measured, details are confirmed and drawings approved. The signed drawings are then sent to production and an install date is given to the client.

Cutting of slabs

The client’s slab is laid onto the cutting table and the rough shapes are cut out using a saw and water jet. The pieces are then labeled and marked accordingly to the job with what is needed to be done. The pieces are transported through the factory using gantry cranes as these pieces can weigh on average 200kg for an island bench.

Polishing of Edges

Pieces then have their edges polished and shaped according to what the client ordered. This process is done with experienced stone masons in conjunction with precise CNC machining for edges and details impossible to be done by hand.


The pieces are loaded onto A-frames that keep them safe during transport on one of our many trucks and utes that are suitable for any installation necessary. Our trucks are outfitted with cranes that allow for larger and heavier pieces to be installed which was never possible before. The installation team lays down the pieces and joins them with high-quality Italian epoxy glue to provide an almost seamless look. Experience the process yourself by visiting Gitani Stone today!