An Interior Design Essential: Keeping Stone Contemporary in 2023


Having been used for centuries in building, design and decoration, stone is a versatile, timeless material that effortlessly transforms any space. It’s durability, heat and scratch-resistance, which has been consolidated over the years through engineered stone, allows you to embrace the material’s presence in your home for the long-run. But with stone being here, there and everywhere, its easy to lose track of how you can introduce it without blending into the crowd. That’s where we come in. We’ve cracked the code to incorporating stone with a contemporary touch!

Décor Pieces that Pack a Punch

Often when people think of stone within the home, it’s usually as a kitchen countertop, splashback, or a bathroom feature wall. It’s time to think within the box and down-size from grand marble slabs, and consider stone accents. Terrazzo vases and vessels, quartz coffee and side tables, or even a nod to the Renaissance with sculptural marble pieces. While a wall covered corner to corner in striking stone is a gorgeous feature, thinking small-scale allows you to turn stone into a motif that’s consistent throughout the interior of your home.

Fresh and Natural Stone

Stone, especially marble and quartz, are often paired with luxe furnishings, textures and tones; brass, black, red, velvet and so on. We think its time to tune stone back in to its natural roots. A natural material, stone melts effortlessly into neutral, earthy hues, and its repotoir amongst luxury aesthetics allows it to add a healthy touch of sophisticated edge to rural cottages and sea-side pads. Limestone pool area tiles, travertine bathroom walls and subtle quartz waterfall benchtops are few of the many options to look into when considering incorporating natural stone features.

Take things to the Bedroom

Stone is only an accent to show off to guests and guests only if you make it. It’s your home, so why not add a hint of wow-factor in more private spaces and rooms? Ensuring consistenycy across your home’s interior design means going all-out even in spaces that most people miss. Ensuites and bedrooms are the perfect spot for stone side tables, double basins, feature walls, floor tiles and more. To keep visitors on their toes, guest bedrooms can also be adorned with stone features.

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