Cedar Brown (Honed)


Discover the earthy elegance with our Cedar Brown (Honed), Block ID: A. A spectacular addition to any design scheme, this unique slab measures 4.69m2, with a thickness of 20mm. With one available slab, the Cedar Brown will breathe life into your project, blending nature with contemporary design.



Immerse your living space in the beautiful hues of our Cedar Brown slab. Honed to perfection, this exquisite stone is categorized as Block ID: A and reflects an impressive total area of 4.69m2. Its 20mm thickness ensures a robust and durable solution for your design needs, promising a lifetime of luxury and elegance.

Sourced from premium quarries, Cedar Brown is a stunning blend of deep, earthy tones and subtle, warm undertones. Its honed finish exudes a matte look that perfectly complements modern and traditional design schemes alike. Its naturally occurring patterns create a captivating visual that echoes the charm of nature, making it a distinctive choice for kitchens, bathrooms, living areas, or commercial spaces.

We currently have one slab of this luxurious stone available, making it an exclusive addition to your design endeavors. Its generously proportioned area allows for various applications, from striking countertops to grandeur flooring or wall cladding. With Cedar Brown, you are not just installing a slab; you’re creating an aesthetic that marries strength and sophistication with an unmistakable connection to the natural world.

Due to the inherent characteristics of natural stone, there might be variations in colour and pattern from one slab to another, each piece offering a unique charm. The Cedar Brown slab represents not just a choice, but a lifestyle. Make it a part of your world today.

Finishes Available :


More vibrant and intense colours and reflections

Format :


3000×1600 cm

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