Cristallus Fire


Cristallus Fire, a striking quartzite, boasts vibrant hues and robust durability. Ideal for high-traffic areas, its unique patterns bring warmth and character to any space. Perfect for countertops and feature walls, it’s not just a surface, but a centerpiece. Embrace its natural beauty in your home.



Discover the majestic beauty of Cristallus Fire Quartzite, a natural stone that embodies both elegance and robustness. Sourced from the heart of the earth, this exquisite material is characterized by its striking pattern, reminiscent of fiery embers dancing across a midnight sky. Its deep, rich hues of red and orange, interlaced with delicate veins of white, create a visual spectacle that’s both captivating and unique.

Not just a feast for the eyes, Cristallus Fire Quartzite is renowned for its exceptional durability. Resistant to scratches and heat, it is an ideal choice for high-traffic areas and kitchen countertops. Its hard surface ensures longevity, guaranteeing that its beauty endures the test of time and usage.

This quartzite is not only a practical choice but also an environmentally friendly option. Being a natural stone, it does not require extensive processing or use of synthetic materials, making it a sustainable addition to your space.

Ideal for both residential and commercial settings, Cristallus Fire Quartzite brings a touch of sophistication and warmth to any environment. Whether it’s gracing your kitchen, bathroom, or living area, it promises to be a focal point that sparks conversation and admiration.

Finishes Available :


More vibrant and intense colours and reflections

Format :


3200×2000 cm

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