Grigio Onyx


Grigio Onyx is a premium choice for those seeking elegance in their spaces. With its unique grey hues, this onyx adds a touch of sophistication to any interior. Ideal for countertops and accent walls, its durable nature ensures long-lasting beauty. Perfectly suits modern and classic decors.



Grigio Onyx is a captivating and versatile natural stone, renowned for its unique and elegant blend of deep grays and subtle whites. This onyx offers a mesmerizing pattern, creating a sense of depth and luxury in any space it adorns.

This product is perfect for those seeking a touch of sophistication in their interior design. Whether you’re looking to create a stunning backsplash, a graceful countertop, or an eye-catching accent wall, Grigio Onyx provides an unmatched aesthetic appeal. Its translucency also allows for creative lighting solutions, adding an ethereal glow to your décor.

Durability is a key aspect of Grigio Onyx. While it requires some care to maintain its pristine condition, it’s surprisingly resilient against everyday wear and tear. Regular sealing and gentle cleaning are recommended to preserve its beauty.

Moreover, Grigio Onyx is an environmentally friendly choice. Its extraction and processing have minimal impact on the environment, making it a sustainable option for eco-conscious customers.

In terms of practicality, Grigio Onyx is heat resistant, making it ideal for kitchen settings. It also has excellent sound-absorbing properties, contributing to a quieter and more serene environment.

Finishes Available :


More vibrant and intense colours and reflections

Format :


2700×1700 cm

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