Navona Vein Cut (ID:120302)


Navona Vein Cut is an opulent and sophisticated stone that enhances your space with a touch of luxury. With its exquisite vein-cut patterns, it brings an element of natural artistry to any design.



Navona Vein Cut is an exceptional stone slab, renowned for its elegance and stylish aesthetic. With a count of 59 available slabs, it offers ample choice to fit various design needs. This luxurious material, characterised by its distinctive vein-cut pattern, brings an outstanding touch of natural beauty to your projects. Whether you’re planning a residential or commercial design, Navona Vein Cut promises to elevate your spaces, delivering a captivating mix of durability and class.

Each slab of Navona Vein Cut is a work of art in itself, revealing a harmonious dance of intricate veins spread across the stone in a mesmerising pattern. This artistic quality makes each slab unique and adds a personal touch to your designs.

 The Navona Vein Cut’s blend of warm and cool tones works harmoniously with different colour schemes, making it a versatile choice for various interior styles. Ideal for applications like countertops, flooring, and wall cladding, this stone serves as an excellent choice for those aiming to bring a refined look to their spaces.

 With Navona Vein Cut, you’re investing in a timeless piece of nature’s artistry that promises to bring elegance and sophistication to your designs for years to come. Its inherent durability ensures it stands the test of time, while its stunning appearance keeps your spaces forever in vogue. It’s not just a slab; it’s a statement of luxury and aesthetic grace.

Finishes Available :


More vibrant and intense colours and reflections

Format :


3200×800 cm

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