Arabescato Vagli


Arabescato Vagli marble is a piece of Earth’s art that’ll transform any room into a luxurious space. Perfect for who’s looking to bring a unique character in their home, this marble, with its distinctive veining, is as durable as it is beautiful – making it a solid choice for countertops or floors.



Mined from the quarries of Italy, the Arabescato Vagli is renowned for its unique, bold veining patterns that resemble fluid art. A harmonious blend of white and grey, each slab tells a distinct story through its natural striations and whorls. The luxurious feel of this marble is matched by its versatility. Whether you’re accenting a bathroom, giving your kitchen an opulent touch, or creating a stunning hallway, the Arabescato Vagli adapts to both classical and contemporary aesthetics with ease.

As with all marbles, this stone is naturally cool to the touch, making it an ideal surface for baking prep in the kitchen. Yet, it’s not just for the culinary enthusiasts; designers and architects clamor for Arabescato Vagli for it’s classical appeal that anchors any decor scheme with sophistication. It’s porous nature means it requires regular sealing to resist stains and etches. But with proper care, Arabescato Vagli is more than just a surface; it’s a centerpiece that stands the test of time, much like the historical structures that it’s been part of.

Invite the luxury of Arabescato Vagli marble into your home and watch as it transforms your space with its unparalleled beauty. Because at Gitani Stone, we don’t just sell stone, we deliver pieces of history, ready to be part of your story.

Finishes Available :


More vibrant and intense colours and reflections

Format :


3300×2000 cm

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