Bianco Nuage


The Bianco Nuage is a marble with wispy veining and a soft, cloudy complexion. It gives a serene vibe wherever it’s put. For those who love a bit of quiet luxury, this marble’s gentle elegance talks in whispers, not shouts. Perfect for creating a calm atmosphere in kitchens, baths and beyond.



Bianco Nuage is like a bit of nature’s quiet side, all captured in stone. This marble, which is known for its kinda soft, dreamy beauty, really calms down any room it’s in. When you hear its name, ‘White Cloud,’ you get why – it’s got these floaty cloud patterns on it, with bits of gray here and there. A true homage to classic tastes, the Bianco Nuage is synonymous with timeless elegance.

Earth made this beauty, and then the skilled hands of artisans made it just right. Every piece of Bianco Nuage marble got its own special veining and patterns, making sure wherever you put it, it’s like no other. Talking about changing up spaces, this marble does the trick, from big fancy entryways welcoming folks, to cozy fireplaces where all the family tales get told.

Bianco Nuage is tough and lasts a long time, in how it holds up and how it looks. Take good care of it, and that pretty look of Bianco Nuage sticks around. Putting this in your home? Not just a nod to your good taste, but it’s also a smart move for the long run.

Finishes Available :


More vibrant and intense colours and reflections

Format :


3100×1900 cm

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