Our Superlative slab (Block ID: SP547) stands out for its unmatched quality and uniqueness. Covering a total area of 5.57 m2 and boasting a thickness of 20mm, this one-of-a-kind piece showcases the perfect blend of robustness and visual appeal. With only one slab available, it’s a coveted piece that adds an air of exclusivity to your space.



Introducing the Superlative slab, an exclusive offering from our premium collection. Identified by the Block ID: SP547, this slab presents a unique balance between sophisticated design and robust structure.

Measuring a total area of 5.57 m2, the slab provides ample coverage for a variety of applications. Whether it’s being used as a kitchen countertop, a statement bathroom vanity, or a standout piece for a commercial project, this slab is perfectly suited to meet and exceed your needs.

The Superlative slab has a generous thickness of 20mm, adding to its robustness and ensuring it stands up to heavy use with ease. This durability doesn’t compromise its aesthetic appeal, making it a practical and stylish addition to any interior.

What truly sets the Superlative slab apart is its rarity. With only one slab available, it offers an exclusive design solution that cannot be replicated. Its distinct character and high quality make it a worthy addition to any space, adding a sense of luxury and sophistication that’s second to none.

So why wait? Make a statement with the Superlative slab. Its balance of beauty and strength is sure to captivate anyone who sees it, while its unique availability guarantees an exclusive aesthetic for your space. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind opportunity to enhance your interior with this exquisite piece.

Finishes Available :


More vibrant and intense colours and reflections

Format :


3200×1700 cm

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