Crema Bianco Oro


Introducing Crema Bianco Oro (CB001), a premium-quality stone slab that exudes a unique charm. With a total area of 28.05m2, 20mm thickness, and five available slabs, it provides a perfect blend of elegance and durability to any design project.



Crema Bianco Oro (CB001) is a splendid representation of refined taste and intricate craftsmanship. Exhibiting a magnificent cream-white hue touched with golden accents, this premium stone slab stands out with its natural beauty. Sourced from high-quality blocks, each slab is meticulously crafted to the thickness of 20mm, providing strength and longevity to its beauty.

Covering a generous area of 28.05m2, these slabs offer enough material to be creatively utilized in various architectural or interior design projects. With five slabs currently available, these can cover a substantial project area, making them an ideal choice for creating luxurious countertops, stunning feature walls, expansive flooring, or opulent fireplace surrounds.

Crema Bianco Oro effortlessly infuses an aura of luxury and elegance into any space it adorns. Its creamy base and gold flecks create a rich tapestry of natural art, making it a quintessential choice for those who value the confluence of nature, art, and design.

In essence, CB001 is more than just a stone slab; it’s a fusion of natural aesthetics and architectural durability, ready to transform your living or working space into an emblem of sophistication and style. Order Crema Bianco Oro today and give your space the touch of class it deserves.

Finishes Available :


More vibrant and intense colours and reflections

Format :


3000×1900 cm

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