Fior Di Bosco (Block ID: FDB364)


The Fior Di Bosco (Block ID: FDB364) marble’s smokey greys and whispers of white veining adds just the right amount of class to any corner of your space. Perfectly suited for either that grand kitchen island or a stunning floor, every block holds its unique story, making sure your home feels exactly as special as it is.



The Fior Di Bosco, with its soft, smoky greys and subtle white veins, offers a soothing palette that’s versatile enough to fit into any design scheme. Its resilient surface makes it perfect for areas that sees a lot of use, ensuring that it stands the test of time just as it has beneath the earth’s crust. The way the light dances across the subtle veins creates a quiet drama, a soft but striking statement that’s perfect for anyone looking to blend the modern with the timeless.

Perfect for counters, floors, or walls, it’s as versatile as it is elegant. It’s not just about the surface beauty; this marble’s robust durability ensures it stands the test of time, offering a timeless backdrop for your most cherished moments and memories.

By choosing Fior Di Bosco marble, you’re choosing a lifestyle that celebrates the perfectly imperfect gifts of nature, and crafting a home that’s both regal and heartwarmingly real. Whether it’s the centerpiece of your foyer or the silent guardian of your fireplace, Fior Di Bosco is a stone that whispers stories of the earth, right there in the heart of your home.

Finishes Available :


More vibrant and intense colours and reflections

Format :


3000×1700 cm

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