Calacatta (Block ID: PLST722)


Embrace the pure elegance of Calacatta Marble, Block ID: PLST722. Hand-selected for its striking beauty, this marble boasts bold veining against a serene white backdrop. Ideal for a luxurious kitchen island or a serene bathroom sanctuary, each block tells a story. Make PLST722 the centerpiece of your next design project.



The Calacatta marble is renowned for its pristine white background, but it’s the bold, dramatic veining in shades of gray and sometimes gold that really sets it apart. With Calcutta Block ID: PLST722, that story is one of exquisite exclusivity. Sourced with the utmost care, this particular block boasts veining that is both striking and sophisticated, ensuring that your installation will be a one-of-a-kind statement.

With Block ID: PLST722, you’re claiming a piece of timeless splendor that will stand the test of time, much like the marble itself has. It is a surface that is meant to be lived on, loved, and used, becoming a part of your home’s narrative. The natural coolness of the stone makes it an ideal surface for baking, tempering chocolate, or rolling out pastry dough, adding practicality to your culinary workspace.

At Gitani Stone, we understand the importance of detail. That’s why we hand-select our blocks, ensuring that each piece of Calacatta we offer, like PLST722, meets our high standards for quality and beauty. Discover Calacatta Marble, Block ID: PLST722, at Gitani Stone today and bring a piece of timeless earth into your home.

Finishes Available :


More vibrant and intense colours and reflections

Format :


3200×2000 cm

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