Irish Green (Block ID: BX567)


The Irish Green marble, with Its blend of emerald and softer greens swirls together create a visual that’s as soothing as it is posh. Perfect for anyone looking to sprinkle a bit of opulence with a countertop, floor, or an accent wall. It’s just right for those who’s in the market for that natural stone touch, but wants it to pop with color too.



Irish Green (Block ID: BX567) is a splendid piece of earth’s legacy. This marble, with its rich weave of emerald hues interspersed with veins of lighter greens brings with it a breath of fresh, natural elegance to any setting it graces. Be it countertops that withstand your culinary adventures, floors that bear witness to your life’s moments, or walls that speak of understated grandeur, this marble fits the bill.

It’s not just about the green you’ll bring into your home; it’s about the life, the vibrancy, and the conversation that comes with it. Perfect for those who value the uniqueness of their space, this marble is more than suitable—it’s transformative. Whether you’re in the midst of a grand redesign or just starting to piece your decor together, our Irish Green Marble promises not just to complement your style but to elevate it, ensuring your space is as warm and inviting as it is luxurious.

Marble suits a variety of applications, from a statement island in your culinary space to a serene backdrop in your bathroom sanctuary. Plus, regular sealing and gentle cleaning is enough to help its colors stay true through the wear and tear of daily life.

Finishes Available :


More vibrant and intense colours and reflections

Format :


2900×1200 cm

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