Paonazzo(Block ID: DAR205191)


Paonazzo Marble, with its ID: DAR205191, offers a unique blend of elegance and durability. Perfect for luxurious interiors, its rich veining adds a touch of sophistication. Ideal for countertops and flooring, it brings an opulent feel. Despite its delicate appearance, this marble is surprisingly sturdy, suitable for both homes and businesses.



Paonazzo marble, identified by its Block ID DAR205191, is a luxurious and captivating choice for those seeking to add a touch of elegance and timeless beauty to their space. This exquisite marble is renowned for its striking white background, beautifully contrasted with bold and dynamic veining in hues of grey and gold. The unique pattern of each slab of Paonazzo marble ensures that no two installations are the same, offering an exclusive and personalized touch to your design.

Ideal for both residential and commercial applications, Paonazzo marble is perfect for creating stunning countertops, backsplashes, and floorings. Its robust nature, coupled with a polished finish, provides not only a dazzling aesthetic but also ensures longevity and durability. However, like all marbles, it does require some maintenance to preserve its pristine condition. Regular sealing and careful cleaning are recommended to protect against stains and etchings.

Incorporating Paonazzo marble into your design project can elevate the ambiance of any room, making it feel more luxurious and refined. Its natural beauty seamlessly blends with various styles, from modern minimalism to classic opulence, making it a versatile choice for different design aesthetics.

While Paonazzo marble represents an investment in quality and style, it’s important to consider the suitability of this material for your specific application. For areas with high usage or exposure to acidic substances, alternative materials may be advisable. Nonetheless, for those looking to make a statement with their decor, Paonazzo marble is an unparalleled choice, promising to imbue your space with elegance and distinction.

Finishes Available :


More vibrant and intense colours and reflections

Format :


3300×1900 cm

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