Paonazzo(Block ID: ÐÁR205191)


Paonazzo Marble, with its unique Block ID ÐÁR205191, is an exquisite choice for those seeking elegance and durability in their design projects. This marble, renowned for its striking veining patterns, imbues spaces with a luxurious and timeless appeal. Ideal for countertops, flooring, and accent walls, Paonazzo marble offers both beauty and longevity.



Discover the unparalleled elegance of Paonazzo Marble, identified uniquely by Block ID ÐÁR205191. This exquisite marble variety is renowned for its striking visual appeal, blending a pristine white background with dynamic, bold veining in shades of grey and hints of gold. Originating from the rich quarries of Italy, Paonazzo Marble is a testament to timeless luxury and refined taste.

Ideal for both residential and commercial spaces, Paonazzo Marble excels in various applications. Whether it’s the focal point of a grand foyer, the sophisticated surface of a kitchen countertop, or the seamless elegance in a luxurious bathroom, this marble brings a touch of class to any setting. Its polished finish not only enhances the depth of its colors but also offers a smooth, durable surface that stands the test of time.

While Paonazzo Marble is undeniably beautiful, it requires a bit of maintenance to preserve its pristine condition. Regular sealing and gentle cleaning are recommended to protect against stains and etching. Its susceptibility to acidic substances means extra care should be taken, especially in kitchen settings.

Every block of Paonazzo Marble is unique, and Block ID ÐÁR205191 is no exception. With its distinct pattern and coloration, it promises to be an exclusive and striking addition to any space, infusing elegance and a sense of bespoke luxury. Whether for a commercial project or a personal home renovation, Paonazzo Marble is a choice that speaks of sophistication and timeless beauty.

Finishes Available :


More vibrant and intense colours and reflections

Format :


3200×1900 cm

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